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The A2C2 is currently in a legal battle with the city of San Jose regarding the forced closure of our original location. Our suit is to protect the rights of all cannabis patients & collective operators in San Jose and California.

The attorney for our case is J. David Nick.

For 18 years, David Nick has successfully litigated a cornucopia of issues regarding cannabis and the applicable laws in both trial and appellate courts. He has not confined his practice to marijuana law, but also litigates cases involving constitutional rights and criminal procedure. David Nick has never lost a jury trial in a state marijuana case including many precedent setting trials involving some of the most revered figures in the medical marijuana movement such as Brownie Mary, Dennis Peron (Nick has been Peron’s sole attorney since 1994) and Steve Kubby.

We are currently in the process of taking our case to the CA Court of Appeal. Decisions in the Court of Appeal can set case law.

If you would like to support our legal battles, please donate here:

Every dollar helps!