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San Jose Cannabis Regulations for 2013

San Jose Cannabis Regulations for 2013

by dave on May 6, 2013

Email To:  San Jose Mayor Reed, the San Jose City Council, and other San Jose City Officials
From: Dave Hodges (founder of A2C2)
Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 3:58 PM

Subject: San Jose Cannabis Regulations for 2013

Dear Mayor Reed, Honorable City Council, and Respected City Officials,

For any who don’t know me, my name is Dave Hodges. I am a lifelong SJ resident, and the founder of one of the first collectives in San Jose.

The recent Riverside Supreme court case has empowered the City to regulate medical cannabis. A2C2, the collective I founded has taken a stance that, as is, the San Jose Marijuana Business Tax is illegal. A2C2 and SJCBC are currently exhausting our administrative remedies in preparation for a lawsuit regarding the legality of Measure U.

I am sending this email to you today to make clear that A2C2 is not opposed to “paying taxes”. We are opposed to paying a tax when doing so is “illegal under San Jose law”. If the City implemented a registration or permit process legally allowing Cannabis Clubs, we would be more then willing to pay the current tax, and drop our lawsuit.

Although we are willing to pay the tax, it is important that the correct regulations are implemented to insure doing so will not violate the law or cause another referendum. Attached is a modified version of the San Jose Medical Cannabis Regulations Title 6.88 that would be supported by the community. The attached document was created during the referendum by a group of over 1000 activists and attorneys statewide hoping to help San Jose regulate cannabis.  This ordinance is available in an editable Google document for everyone to review, update, and comment on as they see fit. You can access and view this document at http://bit.ly/sjmc2013

As I have always stated, I am here to help the city in any way I can. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Best Regards,
Dave Hodges
A2C2 – The All American Cannabis Club
SJCBC – The San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective


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